Paul Carr

Although I no longer have anything to do with dance professionally, dance has been a large part of my life that has taken me many places. My first professional position was in Charleroi, Belgium a role I have to thank former Legat pupil Andrew Stevens for and where I was lucky to work with Jocelyn Alizart who also trained with the Russian Ballet Society.

My Next position was with the Essener Stadts Theater again I was extremely lucky and privileged to be helped through my association with the Russian Ballet Society, no less than a contact made through Sir Aton Dolin.

I feel that to be asked to be a trustee for the RBS is a great honour and hopefully a chance to help others achieve their aspirations as I achieved mine.

I have worked in recent years in the retail sector and have gained a good insight into business. I have also helped develop charity associations within the companies. Through experience gained at work I have gone on to complete a Human resources Diploma in Learning and development.

I hope that these skills will be helpful, along with those of my fellow trustees in giving the Russian Ballet Society a strong substance which will see it grow and support future generations of dancers ensuring they are able to benefit from a system with a foundation steeped in Russian Ballet Traditions.

Russian Ballet Society