About Us

Russian Ballet Society

The Russian Ballet Society is a Charitable Trust incorporated in Scotland (Scottish Charity No. SC020680).

It is managed by the Executive Committee, led by the President who is assisted by the Vice President, Artistic Director and the Trustees.

The Russian Ballet Society promotes the teaching and learning of the Legat System of Ballet through teacher training courses and examinations (Grade 1 – Advanced 2). The Teacher Training courses are particularly suited to professional dance teachers and professional dancers who would like to teach the Legat System. Our system allows the freedom and flexibility to create individual classes based on a specific syllabus. Every exercise is newly set for each class meaning that no two classes are alike. These classes reflect and are comparable to the working style of professional dance companies. The RBS is validated by Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre, and our exams are accredited through the Rockschool London, which are OFQUAL accredited and eligible for UCAS points. The RBS currently has 17 accredited schools worldwide. We are working on the development of a fully accredited teacher training programme for Level 6, which we hope to have in place in 2019.

The Syllabus of Examinations ranges from Pre-Preparatory to Advanced level. These are the essential examinations for students of ballet who wish to become teachers. Beyond the Advanced level there is a Soloist and Ballerina/o Examination for those with a serious intent to become professional dancers.

The Teacher Training programme and Examinations are divided into four levels. When the first certificate (Primary Teacher) has been awarded, the successful candidate may commence teaching but only up to Grade 3. This enables the candidate to continue to learn while teaching. It must be emphasised however, that a regular course of study for each level be taken at a Society approved ‘Centre’.

In the early stages of training it is advisable to attend as many official courses as possible and it is essential that a candidate should have attended a minimum of one official course during the period of study leading to the next level, before being accepted for examination; thereafter, to refresh from time to time by attending an official course, to maintain contact with any adjustments and additions, in a practical way.

As members of the Russian Ballet Society, teachers will benefit from the dedication with which the Society pursues excellence in its teachers through training. The training enables teachers to mentor their students to help them attain their personal creative goals and much more.

All instruction classes and courses are payable in advance and Membership Fees (renewable annually) must be paid promptly. However, charges are kept to a minimum, the object of the Russian Ballet Society, being to help students of ballet to become professional dancers and teachers, and to help already established teachers by adapting to the LEGAT SYSTEM OF TRAINING through the RUSSIAN BALLET SOCIETY SYLLABUS.