Adrian Gibbs

I took Ballet classes in Rhodesia 12 to 14 years old then auditioned for Madam Nicolaeva Legat and got into the Legat School in Finchcocks I was 14 going on to 15 years at the time. I spent five years training in the Legat System with Madam Legat. She brought out the best in me over the five years “showing me off with triple tours in the air” double work etc. I reached the top of the school with all the major roles to perform; Graduation Ball with David Lichine and many more. I also performed in Eunice Bartell’s Ballets and Leon Bartell’s Polish works.

I left Legat at 18-19 years and got into the Stuttgart Ballet but after 9 months was not really happy. So I auditioned for PACT Ballet in South Africa (major Ballet Company there) spent two years doing all the major Ballets from ‘Firebird” to Swan Lake etc and lots of touring locally and in other countries. Many guest performers joined us like Galina Samsova , Merle Park, Gary Burne ,Petrus Bosman etc and choreographers like Paul Grinwis and Nicholas Beriosov.

After two years I came back to London and started to take up Arline Philip’s classes and the American dancer Matt Maddix’s classes. West End shows; I worked with David Bowie (The 1984 David Bowie Floor Show) for NBC with Marianne Faithful and others. I did lots of Rep both as a dancer and actor. I got into my first West End show “Billy” with Michael Crawford and Elaine Page. From there onwards Second Generation TV, touring musicals singing, dancing and acting. Eventually I did more acting; Dr Who, A Bridge Too Far, many TV and films and Theatre.

I wanted to travel so I took up modelling and travelled mostly in Europe, Africa and Japan. Eventually I built up a Portfolio as a Photographer shooting fashion, advertising and actors etc which I still do now mostly actors and dancers.

Russian Ballet Society