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Thank you to all the students who have put so much effort into making this happen. Congratulations to you all. We have been absolutely delighted with the response. Listed below are the names of winning candidates starting from the youngest up. Videos will be published in due course.

Group 8 to 11:

1st PlaceChristina Hadjipanayi  ‘Empty Roads.’  Age 9.  Evi Suri School of Russian Ballet.

2nd Place: Ludovica Sollazzo  ‘La Distanza Non Ci Separa.’  Age 11.  Studio Danza Visconi.

3rd Place: Silvia Spagnolo ‘Un Nemico Invisible.’ Age 10. Spazio Danza Due.

Highly Commended: Njabulo Iwugo  ‘Lion.’ Age 10. Zama Dance School. Elizabeth Miriam De Marco. Age 10. MDM Danza. Petra Manoli-Grey  ‘What About The Children.’ Deborah School of Russian Ballet. Elena Stavrou  ‘Crazy’ Age 11. Evi Suri School of Russian Ballet.                                                                            

Group 12 to 13:                                                                                                                            

1st Place: Bianca Ronconi. ‘Closed In Me.’ Vivere Danzando.                            

2nd Place: Matilde Nocentivi. ‘The House of Strength.’ Vivere Danzando.

Joint Third: Letizia Canni. & Giulia Tribbastone. Progetto Danza.

Highly Commended: Zoe Bosko Christodoulidou. The Deborah School of Russian Ballet. Maddalena Sbaragli. ‘Missing Freedom.’ Vivere Danzando. Abigail Bloomfield. North Star Academy. Sofia Scupola. ‘Only Me.’ Vivere Danzando. Greta Giusti. ‘Waiting for Everything to Pass.’ Vivere Danzando.

Group 14 to 15:                                                                                                                  

Joint 1st Place:  Owethu Jonas. ‘Bruises.’ & Hlumelo Ntshangana. ‘Scars.’ Zama Dance School.

2nd Place: Uyathandwa Saphula.  ‘Ocean Eyes.’ Zama Dance School.

3rd Place: Giulia Falli. ‘Stop the Normality-Stop the Life.’ Vivere Danzando.

Highly Commended: Alessandra Tringali. Progetto Danza & Angelica Alemmanno. Spazio Danza Due.

Group 16 to 18+:                                                                                                              

1st Place: Lukhanyo Anta. ‘Believer.’ Zama Dance School.

2nd Place: Ludtovica Scardia. ‘Experience.’ Spazio Danza Due.

3rd Place: Lubabalo Ntshangana. ‘Closed on Sunday.’ Zama Dance School.

Highly Commended: Martina Bello. ‘I Tried to Scream.’  Vivere Danzando. & Alessandra Adamo. ‘Mia Vita Durante il Covid.’  Russian Ballet Society Italia.

We do apologise for the delay in presenting the winning videos, this has been due to technical difficulties beyond our control. RBS