Nina Ghosh

It is an honour to be invited to become a trustee of the Russian Ballet Society. My connection with Legat goes back to Finchcocks Manor, Goudhurst when as a young child I was accepted to join Madame and her school. However, she was taken ill before my start date and was never to return to teaching. During my first week she summoned me to her bedside and I will never forget that experience. Her words to me, even as a new pupil instilled a sense of duty which I am certain that every pupil at the time felt, and that was to cherish and preserve the dance system which she had inherited from the great Nicholas Legat.

I was fortunate to be taught by both Leon (until his untimely death) and Eunice Bartell for 9 years. I consider the Legat system enhances not only a strong discipline and technique but a passionate and lyrical quality with the right teaching. This system deserves to be respected and promoted in the world of dance at present which the RBS aims to achieve.

Briefly, my background after leaving Legat was to gain a scholarship to the London Contemporary Dance, then to teach dance to British gymnasts in the 70s and later teach and manage a dance studio in London. In the early 90s I was involved in the film business as a set dresser and props buyer. However, for the last 15 years, I work as an education administrator in a junior school and have gained skills as a school governor and clerk to governors over most of those years. (Occasionally being called upon to help with a dance routine or two).

I hope that I can strive to be a worthy addition to the Society not only for my clear understanding and appreciation of Legat and what the RBS represents but for my practical skills as an administrator and governor.

Russian Ballet Society