Tamara Moubayed

Having had all my training in the Legat Russian Ballet method, I graduated in 1972 and went to Heidelberg to begin my professional career. With another second year contract offered to me, I successfully auditioned for Frankfurt but instead decided to return to England to recover from an injury. I decided to study teaching while my injury recovered and found myself drawn back to the Legat School. I loved teaching so much that I stayed longer than I had planned!

Between, 1974-1982, I studied, and gained all the relevant levels of the Russian Ballet Teaching Certificates and during this time I was offered the position of full time ballet teacher. When the director from Malmö Company came to visit the graduation class I was offered a contract but as I was already well established in my teaching, I declined the offer.

In 1982 I left Legat School to establish my own ballet school, with my husband John Moubayed, who is also an ex-legat pupil.
The Moubayed School of Ballet.

1991 –Present. I opened ballet school number 2:
Southborough School of Dance, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

1992 – I sold the Moubayed School of Ballet

During my years of teaching, successful pupils have gained places and studied at: Rambert School for Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Northern Ballet School, Kate Simmonds School of Dance, White Lodge Royal Ballet School & Royal Ballet Upper School, Alvin Ailey in New York, and Joffrey School of Dance in New York.

2010 -Present. I became an examiner for the Russian Ballet Society.

2017 -Present. I became a trustee to the Russian Ballet Society.

The many years of connection I have had with Legat brings a strong sense of loyalty for its tradition. I strongly believe that, should the Legats be alive today, they would want to see their System develop and grow with progressive forward thinking people at the helm. We have a good strong and dedicated team within our trustees who have the Society’s best interest at heart. We must uphold the Legat legacy and I will do my best to assist in every way possible.

Russian Ballet Society